Club SciKidz 2020 Summer Camp in a Box Grades Pre-K through 8th

Summer Camp in a Box

What happens if we can't get together for summer camp?

Well, you have come to the right place!!

Club Scikidz has some great options for summer camp.

Exclusive Videos with every Camp-in-a-Box

Visit the Club SciKidz Video Hub for our exclusive videos to accompany each Camp-in-a-Box. You will receive a personal code to access the videos in your boxes!


    1. Pick one or more camps. 
    2. Each camp comes with two boxes. The boxes have related themes.
    3. Save the Bees Summer Camp in a BoxTake $20 off at the checkout if you pick 2 pairs of camp in a box (total 4 boxes)
    4. The boxes contain all the step-by-step instructions and materials for all the projects and experiments.
    5. A full set of supporting videos is provided, and can be accessed with a personal code.
    6. The camp in a box will be delivered directly to your house. 
    7. The recommended ages for our boxes are 6 or older. However, with adult help, younger scientists can participate and enjoy in the box activities.
    8. Have fun and be a scientist!

If you need help or have questions with any of our boxes please call: 804-548-4787.

What is in the box

Each Camp in a Box includes:

  • Science Experiments
  • Technology and Engineering Build Projects
  • Nature Craft activities related to the theme.
  • Lab Equipment
  • Micro Activities and Observations
  • Secret Formulas
  • Science Quotes & Riddles
  • Inspiring Scientists
  • A Splash of Science Fiction!
  • Don't forget to look for our science surprise in each box.
  • Access to our theme-based outdoor activities. 

Shop All Camps in a Box Below!


The Scientist and The Science of Toys $149.95

Cosmic Cookie Dough & Exploring Our Solar System $149.95

By The Sea-By The Beautiful Sea & Save Our Oceans $149.95

Extreme Radical Reaction Lab & Chemistry Concoctions $149.95

The Microscopic World & Grossology $149.95

Geology Rocks & Fun with Fossils $149.95

Birds of A Feather & Come Fly with Me! $149.95

Veterinarian Medicine & Young Physician $149.95

Save The Bees & Rainforest Rescue $149.95

Build an FM Radio & The Sounds Of Music $159.95

Engineers Build it Better & Introduction to Robotics $159.95

Climate Change & Weather on The Wild Side $149.95

Zombie Camp in a Box

Spooky Science and The Coming Zombie Apocalypse! $159.95